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Our hotel is located within the complex of the Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg in historical center of the city. Here you can find everything you need for a regular Jewish life: women's and men's mikvah, a fleish kosher restaurant, library, Hasidic and Sephardic minyan, kosher store and bakery, community centers for grown up and young children, charitable organizations. The Hotel and the Synagogue are embraced by the same Eruv, unlike other nearby hotels. In a couple of blocks from the synagogue you can find a cozy kosher coffee shop, another kosher store, Chabad Yeshiva. Dozens of museums for every taste are located within walking distance: from classical to avant-garde. Hotel location allows you to reach any point of the historic center in a few minutes. The hotel stuff will do its best to provide our customers with kosher cultural stay.

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  • Yoram, phone: +7 921 5740171 www.balticwind-spb.okis.ru
  • Galah, torists service of sinagoge, phone: +7 921 9784464
  • Faina, phone: +7 981 748 7611


Двухместный номер

Double room

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Клиентам отеля при покупке двух субботних трапез скидка 600 р.

Hotel customers when buying two Shabbat meals discount 600 rub.

10-12 утра завтрак в ресторане для гостей 400 руб.

10-12am breakfast to guests at restaurant 7$ (omelet, toast, cereal, salad, orange juice, tea)

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